10 Ukrainian Pets Saved from the Battle Zones That Need Your Support

10 Ukrainian Pets Saved from the Battle Zones That Need Your Support

Shelters across Ukraine are filling up with animals that have been injured, abandoned, or left homeless because of the ongoing conflict.

We’re talking about cats and dogs of every age getting caught up in the chaos and desperately needing assistance.

Thanks to the support they’ve received so far, they’ve been able to provide essentials like pet food, warm blankets, dog kennels, and medical care to these animals.

But here’s the reality: the need for these supplies is still increasing by the day.

As the battle lines change, more pets find themselves in danger. Brave volunteers are stepping up to save them from the hardest-hit areas in Kherson and Sumy, Ukraine. These places, under heavy attack, are where you’ll find lost pets scavenging for food and shelter.

Animal shelters, already stretched thin in resources, are now accommodating an influx of evacuated pets. They’re in urgent need of assistance to provide food and care for these animals.

Here are ten pets rescued from conflict zones, looking forward to your support.

  1. Boy

Boy, a dog rescued from the Kherson region, was found in a dire state on Kherson’s war-affected streets, suffering from broken front legs. He was quickly transported to the Oksana Shelter in Odessa, where he’s now getting the necessary care and medication.

His journey to recovery is expected to be lengthy, but the committed team at the shelter is ready to provide him with all he requires for a full recovery. Donate here.

2. Klin

Klin is among the 20 pets rescued from a village in Sumy, a region facing daily bombings. This undernourished cat was discovered by rescuers wandering the perilous streets.

She’s gradually getting stronger, though her journey to full health is far from over. Your support can aid in her recovery process.

3. Smiles

Smiles was discovered wandering the streets of Odessa, carrying a heart-wrenching injury to his face that had left his mouth deformed and in dire need of emergency surgery. This adorable pup was taken to Patron Pet Center, where he bravely underwent surgery and is now on the mend, being lovingly cared for and nursed back to health.

Lend a hand in helping him rebuild his strength, so he can embark on a journey to find a loving forever home.

4. Lesya & Puppies

Lesya and her puppies, rescued by military in the Donetsk region amidst heavy bombings, found solace with a rescuer. Safely transported in a cardboard box to Patron Pet Center, they’re now receiving the care they need, including nutritious food and a place to rest.

While facing challenges like bacterial infections and malnutrition, they’re on the path to recovery. Your support can help them heal and find forever homes.

5. Elliot

Elliot was discovered hiding in the remnants of a demolished building in Kherson, a place still facing frequent bombings. Brave rescuers were able to gently coax the scared dog and safely transport him to the Oksana Shelter in Odessa.

Upon arrival, Elliot, who was underfed and exhausted, found a peaceful corner to rest. The kind-hearted staff, already looking after 50 other dogs without homes, are giving him all the care he needs. Your support could make a huge difference in helping Elliot build back his strength.

6. Lyusya

Lyusya is now part of the group of dogs who’ve found safety in Odessa after being rescued from the Kherson region. This brave little dog was discovered wandering the streets marked by war.

This gentle soul is battling cancer and is currently receiving treatment at the Oksana Shelter in Odessa. Your support can ensure she gets the loving care she deserves.

7. Lion

Lion found his guardian angels in the military who rescued him in the Donetsk region. It was obvious he had been braving life on his own for a while. This sweet boy was dealing with gingivitis, tangled fur, and a tough case of flea dermatitis.

Thankfully, he’s been given antibiotics for his gums and special treatments for his skin. You can be a part of Lion’s journey to recovery by contributing to his care.

8. Roy

Roy is one of the brave dogs brought to safety in Odessa from the Kherson region. Found in a precarious situation, this senior dog couldn’t move on his own, but thankfully rescuers were there for him.

Now, Roy is recuperating at the Oksana Shelter in Odessa, where he’s being lovingly nursed back to health from malnutrition. The caring staff is ensuring he has a cozy spot to rest and plenty of nutritious food to help him recover. Consider supporting his healing journey with a donation.

9. Dakota

Dakota is another resilient soul who was brought to Odessa from the Kherson region. She was in a tough spot, found unable to walk with all four paws broken, the result of a vehicle accident that left her behind to fend for herself.

Now, Dakota is receiving lots of love and care at the Oksana Shelter. Though her journey to recovery is expected to take some time, she’s in good hands. You can play a part in her healing process and help her receive the care she needs.

10. Petty

Petty is a courageous dog who was rescued and brought to Odessa from the Kherson region. While exploring the streets, she was found in dire need of help, having been cruelly injured in the face.

Now safe at the Oksana Shelter in Odessa, Petty is receiving tender care from a devoted team who are also looking after 34 other dogs with special needs. Join us in supporting Petty’s recovery.

The Animal Rescue Site, together with Greater Good Charities, is on a mission to offer medical care and support to these precious animals and their shelters. We’re inviting you to be part of this loving effort.

Consider donating today to help keep these initiatives going strong!


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