13 Cats Who Don't Understand How Big They Are

13 Cats Who Don’t Understand How Big They Are

Have you ever seen a cat that thinks they’re still a tiny kitten, even though they’re the size of a small tiger?

Well… get ready to be entertained by some hilariously adorable tales of giant furballs who haven’t quite realized their own size.

These cats leap into your lap with the grace of an elephant, attempt to squeeze into boxes fit for kittens, and insist on occupying that tiny spot on the couch right next to you (regardless of how much space they actually need).

These oversized bundles of joy bring laughter, a bit of chaos, and a whole lot of love into our lives, reminding us that no matter how big they get, they’ll always be our baby kittens at heart. That’s part of their charm!

So… buckle up for a delightful journey through the world of cats who don’t understand how big they are!

1. The great Magnas! (the name suits him)

2. Let me just scoot here…

3. Honey! Where did we get this weighted blanket?

4. Albert (Einstein) might have the brains but this other Einstein sure has the brawn.

5. Bet they don’t have mice at this house.

6. Just a (big) baby.

7. Talk about major floof!

8. “Is that a cat husky?” who cares he’s meow-jestic.

9. This cutie cat sees everything (even your future).

10. This purr-fect floof named Ajax.

11. I’m just a big triangle baby!

12. They are twins at this point.

13. Is it a dog? Is it a cat? No one knows. (it’s a big cat)

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