The Most Adorable Cats on Glass Tables You've Ever Seen 

14 Most Adorable Cats on Glass Tables You’ve Ever Seen 

Hey cat fans and kitty-households! There’s a must-have item you’re going to love, especially if it’s not yet part of your cat castle.

A glass table! (Yes, you heard it right)

Our feline companions love nothing more than to lounge and sprawl on tables all day long. But here’s the secret sauce… ever tried gazing up at them from below? It’s like a whole new purr-spective!

Imagine those fluffy bellies and curious faces peering down at you. It’s practically the coolest cat TV you never knew you needed.

Now… get on it, and thank me later!

#1. So this is how they look like from below

#2. A sleepy baby

#3. Twins!

#4. Look at those cute beans

#5. Is she playing hide and seek or… sleeping? (we’ll never know)

#6. What kind of soup is this?

#7. A purr-fect loaf!

#8. This one has a meow-nacing vibe

#9. Fluffyyyy

#10. So that’s where they hide their legs huh

#11. Me in bed at 3 am

#12. A bowl of milk ; )

#13. Squishyyyy

#14. This is not a UFO… or is it?

Credit: Lina____, narwhal-lord14, DCLanger, ladylolathecat, chatoranekogen, boopyouonthenose, AviahWinchester, chiyo.mame, rexiecat, Luca_Lastname

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