Meet Cezar: The Luxurious Cashmere Bengal Cat with the Look of a lion

Meet Cezar: The Luxurious Cashmere Bengal Cat With The Look of a Lion

Cezar may look like a mini lion, but guess what? He’s actually a big softie!

Imagine a cat that loves cuddles more than anything. That’s Cezar for you.

He lives with Wojtek Czachurski, a 63-year-old who digs salt for a living and loves snapping pictures, in a cozy little spot called Bochnia in the south of Poland.

Wojtek can’t stop bragging about Cezar being super friendly, always happy, and gentle like a breeze – pretty much what Bengal cats are famous for.

He’s so taken by Cezar’s cool looks and fluffy coat that he’s always clicking photos of this handsome furball and sharing them online, leaving everyone who sees them totally wowed.

Wojtek says, “I can’t say I’m surprised by the reactions; after all, Cezar is truly exceptional. It’s not every day you come across a furball that possesses a wild, captivating appearance, coupled with long, luxurious hair”.

And he’s right!

Wojtek Czachurski and the folks at Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres share a funny story about Cezar, their 2-and-a-half-year-old kitty.

Lots of people think Cezar is a mix of Bengal, Maine Coon, or even Siberian cat because he’s just that stunning. Some even think Wojtek’s been playing around with photos to make Cezar look extra special.

But Wojtek, always the patient guy, sets the record straight: Cezar is a purebred Bengal, a fluffy variety known as Sirocco Cashmere Bengal in the cat world.

Originally, Wojtek got into photography just to snap cute pics of his granddaughter on their walks.

But now, he’s also got a furry squad at home that includes Cezar and a bunch of other cats, plus a loyal husky who’s been his sidekick for 15 years.

Wojtek Czachurski and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres commented “When I brought the little tomcat kitten home from Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres, I was worried that it might feel overwhelmed…

…However, my concerns turned out to be unfounded. I had done my research on this special breed, the Bengal cat, and knew that it needed plenty of attention, care, and exercise.”

And they added, “One of the most important things I learned about Bengal cats is that they dislike being alone. They are incredibly sociable and enjoy the company of people…

In fact, they will often stick by their owners’ sides and not leave them even for a moment. They also thrive in the presence of other animals and feel most content in a group setting.”

Guess who’s in Cezar the mini lion-cat’s squad? He’s got Borys, a 3-and-a-half-year-old Bengal dude who’s all about love and gentle vibes.

Then there’s Portos, the silver Bengal, who’s the strong silent type but just as soft-hearted.

When these three musketeers aren’t snoozing or chowing down, they’re basically unstoppable play machines.

They’re packed with energy and even do some doggy stuff, like playing fetch and cozying up at their human’s feet.

And, because they’re cats, they’re super curious about everything around them.

For Czachurski, who’s always been surrounded by animals, sharing his home with these majestic cats is like living in a dream.

“Since I was a child, I’ve been captivated by wild cats like pumas, panthers, cheetahs, and jaguars,” he explained. “I always fantasized about having one of these extraordinary creatures as a pet.”

He points out that even though they have big personalities and aren’t small by any means, his Bengal crew is pretty easy to live with.

They’re not too keen on being held but will come for cuddles on their own terms.

He says, “They are clean, incredibly intelligent, playful, affectionate, and stunningly beautiful.

They don’t damage furniture and they never exhibit aggression or hostility towards humans. They genuinely enjoy being around people.”

Cezar, tipping the scales at over 14.3 pounds (6.5 kg), has grown into a source of immense pride and joy for Czachurski.

His affection and admiration for Cezar and the cat pack are deep, and he loves to spread the joy they bring him to others.

“The Bengal cat is an exquisite breed,” he remarks. “So why not showcase its beauty?”

Cezar and Borys, two delightful cat friends, kindly offered their stunning portraits, thanks to the skilled folks over at Ticadela Pl and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres.

Credit: Wojtek Czachurski and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres

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