DIY Cardboard Cat Bed

DIY Cat Bed: The Iron Throne – Here’s How To Make It In Less Than 10 Minutes

If you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan and a cat lover, why not combine the two passions by creating a DIY Iron Throne cat bed?

This unique project is a fun way to bring a touch of Westeros into your home and give your feline friend a regal resting place.

Here’s how to make it.

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • Paint (black, silver, and any metallic accents)
  • A cushion or small pillow
  • Optional: toy swords or themed decorations


  1. Create the Base:
    • Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangular shape for the base.
    • Measure and cut additional pieces to create the sides and backrest of the throne, ensuring they are proportionate to your cat’s size.
  2. Assemble the Structure:
    • Use a hot glue gun to attach the side and back pieces to the base, forming the outline of the throne.
    • Reinforce the structure by adding extra layers of cardboard to the sides and back for stability.
  3. Decorate the Throne:
    • Cut small, sword-shaped pieces from cardboard to mimic the iconic Iron Throne look.
    • Glue these swords to the backrest and sides in a crisscross pattern, covering the entire surface.
  4. Paint and Finish:
    • Paint the entire structure black to create a uniform base.
    • Once dry, add silver and metallic paint accents to the swords for a realistic touch.
  5. Add Comfort:
    • Place a cushion or small pillow on the base to provide a comfortable resting spot for your cat.
  6. Personalize:
    • Customize the throne with additional decorations or paint to match your home’s decor or your cat’s personality.

Your DIY Iron Throne cat bed is now ready! Not only will your cat feel like royalty, but it also makes for a fantastic conversation piece for any “Game of Thrones” enthusiast.

Enjoy crafting and may your cat reign supreme in their new throne!

This project not only showcases creativity but also provides a cozy spot for your cat to relax in style. For a visual guide, watch the full tutorial on YouTube.

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