Emotional Cat Desperately Reaches For Owner Who Left For College Through Small Web Camera

As much as we miss our pets when we’re separated from them, that feeling is absolutely mutual for them.

We are their whole world! When we suddenly aren’t around, it can be pretty confusing for them.

This is clear in the emotional video below.

In the video, we see a cat perched on top of a refrigerator, waving her paws in front of a camera in what seems like a desperate attempt to make contact with her human, who recently moved away for college.

It’s a bittersweet mix of sadness and sweetness, but mainly, it’s just sad! Who can relate?

Take a look:

I’m focusing on the positive here: this cat and her human share an undeniably special bond.

While it’s heartbreaking that she’s not there, leading to behavior like this, I like to imagine their reunion will be one of the most heartwarming moments ever.



Like many pets, cats love their routines.

As standoffish as they can seem at times, they still love having us around.

Our presence is the best present they could ask for, even if they won’t admit it. So, it’s no surprise that breaking that routine can cause them quite a bit of stress. But again, it’s a clear testament to their love for us.

Do Cats Miss Their Humans?

Cats might get a bad rap sometimes—being labeled as emotionless, stubborn, or unloving—but any cat parent knows this simply isn’t true. In fact, not at all!

People often compare them to fun-loving, heart-on-their-sleeve animals like dogs, which isn’t fair.

Cats are just different, but they’re full of emotion and personality.

When it really comes down to it, they’re big lovers who form extremely strong bonds with their humans.

So, it’s no surprise they miss us when we’re suddenly gone.

All pet parents have strong bonds with their furry friends, resulting from pure, unconditional love.

These connections are as strong as any other important relationship in our lives, if not stronger.

When we’re away from each other, it’s natural to yearn and long for one another.

Cats can also suffer from separation anxiety, just like many other animals.

If this separation lasts long enough or happens often, they’ll certainly feel confused and sad, clear signs that they miss their favorite human.

Plus, think of all the fun times you’ve had together.

The more time spent together, the stronger these bonds become.

Just like humans, the more time we spend with the ones we love, the harder it is to be without them.

Cats love these moments as much as we do, so when we’re not around, they feel like something is missing.

This can directly stem from them missing us.

It’s bittersweet.

On one hand, I love the amount of love we share with our pets. But on the other, it makes being apart that much harder.

So, there are only a couple of options for the video above—online classes, or, like… just move back home.

Yeah, that’s it. At least you tried.

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