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Heroic Latvian Woman Drives to Ukraine Every Day to Rescue Homeless Cats!

Rasma, a dedicated volunteer from Latvia, spends every day driving to Ukraine to rescue homeless cats and dogs.

She then takes these animals across the border to Poland and Latvia, providing them with a safe haven until the war is over.

“We’re going to try to take as many animals as we can out, back to Latvia, back to Europe, back to safety,” Rasma said.

At the Home for Rescued Animals in Lviv, she and her team could be seen loading three vans with the first group of dogs and cats.

Rasma’s Mission to Save Homeless Pets

In Lviv, many homeless cats, either handed over by refugees or left abandoned in the streets, wait for their chance to be evacuated at an animal shelter.

Rasma, along with a group of volunteers from Latvia, works tirelessly to transport these animals across the border, providing them shelter and safety in their home country.

Rasma couldn’t just stay in Latvia and do nothing.

She said, “If I have an opportunity, if I have a large van, if I can bring food here and take some animals back to safety, I can’t stay at home.”

Helping Displaced Pets Amidst Conflict

Thousands of internally displaced people fleeing the violence in Ukraine pass through the Lviv animal sanctuary daily, often surrendering their pets in the process. The sanctuary has been overwhelmed, dealing not only with pets but also with other animals like foxes and storks, ever since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

(Credit: News & Images by REUTERS)

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