8 Awesome Cat Perches – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’ve been thinking of finding the best cat perch that money can buy, but you can’t seem to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, you’ve ended up in the right place. We’ve gone through lots of products to bring you this article. Based on our research, the first model that you should consider is the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed. This is a great choice for cats who like to look outside without having to get outdoors. It’s accompanied by a kitty pad that functions just like an insulated, so your feline buddy will be warm and cozy. Since it comes with three powerful suction cups, you don’t have to worry about anything in terms of safety. If this option is no longer available, check our next favorite one, the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse

Best Cat Perch [Reviews] – Our Favorites This Year 

If you have no time to do research yourself and find some of the most critically acclaimed cat perches currently available for sale, check out the options below. We’ve noticed that they have received favorable reviews from pet parents, so they might be worth considering.

1. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed

Best Window Hammock
EZ Mount Cat Window Hammock: Tan Kitty Perch
$46.99 $31.19

Give your cat a cozy spot with the K&H EZ Mount Window Bed kitty sill hammock. With industrial-strength suction cups that hold up to 50 lbs., this sturdy and easy-to-install window bed provides a safe and private space for your cat to relax and enjoy the view.

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02/18/2024 09:01 am GMT

The EZ Mount Window Bed keeps your cat off your window seats. The aesthetics of this kitty sill blends with any interior design. It utilizes three powerful suctions cups to attach to glass doors and windows with at least 30” x 14” free space. The top-open window bed has a sleeping surface of 6” x 18” and can accommodate up to 60 lbs.

Included is the Amazin’ Kitty Pad that works as an insulator and soft cushion that traps cat hair and dander. It is removable and also machine-washable. 

The EZ Mount Window Bed is suitable for cat naps, sunbathing, and for cat entertainment. One buyer noted that it helped a cat that showed signs of depression. Cats react to the window-mount bed in various ways. Most needed some time before they develop a liking for it. Some large cats like to snuggle in it, others feel cramped.

Safety warnings were brought to light by some reviewers. As the product holds on to large glass windows and doors by suction cups, someone noted that the plastic rods holding the suction cups in place can fail. Another customer noticed the bed material where the suction cup holes were could rip apart. 

2. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse

Cat Penthouse
EZ Mount - Window Hammock for Large Cats

Give your cat a luxurious spot to relax with the Sturdy Cat Window Hammock. Designed by K&H with over 20 years of experience, this window hammock features two levels with super soft microfleece sleeping areas, providing a comfortable and secure space for your cat to enjoy bird watching and lounging in style.

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02/18/2024 08:56 am GMT

The EZ Mount Penthouse features a double-deck window bed that can hold up to 60lbs. It mounts on large glass windows 24” x 30” in size. The cat penthouse is held by six suction cups, four attached to the beds and two supported by two sturdy wires. Both top and bottom beds are microfleece-lined and has a sleeping space of 15” x 23”.

The cat window bed also has a built-in ledge to help cats get on and off without assistance. It also has large holes that add to the aesthetics of the penthouse. The inner plush pad is removable and machine-washable. The top fleece lining is sewn to the bed and is for hand-wash only.

The penthouse folds up for storage, but it cannot be folded while installed on the window. Some customer reviews noted that the top chords holding on to suction cups can fail. It is wise to always follow the installation manual for your cats’ safety. 

Larger cats prefer the top bunk for more space. Kittens and average-sized cats are drawn to the lower bunk. Overall, the penthouse is suitable to hold multiple cats that love to perch and provides entertainment without heading out the door.

3. K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill – Double Stack EZ Window Mount

Kitty Window Sill
K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Kitty Window Sill, Gray, Double Stack
$74.99 $42.69

The EZ Mount Cat Window Hammock by K&H provides a sturdy and comfortable spot for your cat to enjoy a bird's eye view. With multiple levels and an industrial-strength EZ Mount system that holds up to 50 pounds, this cat hammock is a durable and functional addition to your home.

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02/18/2024 09:07 am GMT

If you need to close the blinds while the window bed is installed, the Kitty Sill – Double Stack EZ Window Mount does the job well. You don’t need to unmount the window bed to draw curtains, blinds, and shades as it is foldable while installed. The Double Stack EZ Window Mount is advertised capable of holding up to 100lbs.

The double-decker mounts to large windows using industrial-strength suction cups. The six large suction cups utilize a push and turn system for improved adhesion. The window mount maintains its shape with a reinforced high-grade steel frame. 

The microfleece beds attach to the steel frame with thick Velcro. The bed covers are removable and machine-washable. The steel frame and suction cups can stay on the window when washing the covers. No need for unmounting and reassembling.

Your cats will have 12” x 23” napping and stretching space on the Double Stack bed. There are six suction cups used to keep the bed on the window. Some noted that cats can chew off the top chords helping the frame hold on securely. Others noticed that the suction cups tend to slide down due to the cat’s weight. The beds also tend to sag.

4. Lazypet Window Perch

Deluxe Window Perch
LAZY PET Deluxe Cat Window Perch Assorted Colors

The Single Cat Window Perch is a cozy and secure spot for your feline friend, holding up to 25 lbs. With a removable, washable faux sheepskin cover and extra plush Berber cover, it's easy to set up without any tools, providing your cat with a comfortable and inviting space.

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Lazypet provides your cat with a soft perch to sit on while window-watching. It features a sturdy board with padding and faux sheepskin cover. The package comes with a non-fleece cover for in-between washes. The covers can be replaced without having to remove the perch from the window sill. Both covers are for hand-wash only.

Take note not to install the perch too close to the window sill to make it easy to replace the window cover.

The product is advertised as capable of bearing the load of a 25-lb cat. For your cat’s safety, follow the assembly instructions to a T. Keep in mind, this perch can accommodate only one cat at a time. Also, it requires a 2-inch wide window sill as the Lazypet Window Perch mounts to the window sill with a long piece of Velcro adhesive.

As the product utilizes a strong Velcro tape, dismounting the window perch may peel some of the paint off. It is recommended to designate a permanent spot for the window perch to avoid having to move it which can affect the hold of the Velcro. Also, the legs that help support the perch can create scuff marks on the wall.

5. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Cat Scratcher Kitty Sill & Cradle

Kitt Cradle
K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle Tan 11″ x 20″ x 2″
$53.99 $45.96

The K&H EZ Mount Cat Scratcher offers an easy, tool-free assembly on most glass windows, providing a large curved surface for scratching or relaxing in the sun. Made with durable cardboard, this cat scratcher encourages healthy scratching habits and comes with free catnip for added feline fun.

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02/18/2024 09:11 am GMT

K&H Pet Products launched this window-mounted cat cradle with a curved design so your cat can relax as if lounging on a hammock. It has an 11” x 20” surface dimension and can accommodate up to 60 lbs.

It mounts on a clean glass surface with the EZ mount suction cups and sturdy cables. Customer reviews noted positive insight on the cables even with a cat that likes to chew. Also, the overall design makes for a product that won’t damage your glass or window frame. It is suitable for cat owners that are renting or relocate often.

The 2-in-1 product is a window lounger and a cat scratcher. It makes use of a scratch-enticing cardboard surface to keep your cat off your couch while maintaining healthy nails. The package comes with extra cardboard refills which are easy to replace when necessary. Bonus: The cardboard padding is recyclable.

The package also comes with catnip that encourages your cats to use the product to satisfy their desire to scratch. Customers lauded the durability of the design even for large cats. For your cat’s safety, take note to follow the instructions concerning assembly and maintenance of the suction cups and cables. 

6. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod

Window Bubble
K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod Tan 27″ x 20″ Kitty Sill

The K&H Hanging Cat Window Bed provides a perfect perch for your cat's bird-watching adventures. With sturdy suction cups, multi-entry points, and a durable design, this window bed offers a comfortable and secure spot for your kitty to enjoy the view.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 09:16 am GMT

The futuristic design of the Window Bubble Pod makes for enviable IG posts of your cats from every angle. It’s stylish without sacrificing on comfort. From the looks of it, some question how it can be comfortable for cats. Satisfied customers noted how the large openings on the side make for easy access for the cats.

The bubble window gives your cat access to what’s happening indoors while offering privacy. The main goal is to provide your cat with a safe place to lounge, sunbathe, and satisfy their curiosity about all the ruckus outside.

The interior is lined with The Amazin Kitty Pad that can be machine-washed and tumble dried on low setting. The padding helps to reduce cat dander and hair around your home. Replacements can also be purchased for your cat’s comfort. The bubble pod itself can be spot-cleaned only. 

The EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod uses suction cups to mount to a clean window surface at least 24” x 30 in dimensions. Some cautious buyers noted risks with the plastic pins that secure the suction cups in place. Satisfied customer have no problems with its durability. On another note, some cats can mess up the sleeping pad.

7. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill

Window Sill & Scratcher
EZ Mount Kitty Haven: Window Sill Cat Scratcher
$51.99 $36.00

The K&H EZ Mount Cat Scratcher provides a large surface for scratching or basking in the sun, with the added comfort of bolsters for your cat's head during after-play naps. Its durable design, easy tool-free assembly, and inclusion of free catnip make it a healthy and long-lasting solution to keep your cat entertained while protecting your furniture.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 09:16 am GMT

This eco-friendly kitty sill makes use of thick and durable recyclable cardboard as a delightful perch for cats that love high places. The corrugated cardboard makes for the ideal scratching bed for cats while they lounge and enjoy a great view of the outdoors.

The kitty sill metal wire frame mounts on glass windows and doors using strong suction cups. The lounging surface is 11” x 20” and is lightweight at 2.5 pounds. It is advertised as capable of holding up to 60 lbs. For added support, the kitty sill has two cable wires that mounts via suction cups on the window surface.

The EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill has a hassle-free style of mounting and unmounting. While the cardboard is replaceable, it can add to the cost compared to kitty sills that have a washable cover.

Big house cats may ask for more sleeping surface, but the absence of walls give cats freedom to move. While most cats will jump right up and scratch the surface, some may need a bit of luring. Hence, the package already comes with free catnip to entice your cats to get used to the perch and enjoy it for hours on end.

8. Penn Plax Multi-Level Cat Tree

Cat Haven
Penn-Plax Cat Haven: 2-Story Playful Tree - 42 inches

Your feline friend will adore the Multileveled Cat Tree, offering a comfortable nap spot, creative design with a plush crescent moon perch and hammock, and numerous levels for climbing and exploring. With built-in mouse toys and bamboo scratching posts, this cat tree keeps your pet happily occupied while saving your furniture from claws.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 09:27 am GMT

Do you have playful cats? This cat perch is low enough to avoid falls while giving your cat plenty of options where to perch. The cat perch remains on the floor or on any flat surface instead of on the window sill. With the Multi-Level Cat Tree, your cat won’t have much sunbathing and window entertainment.

Still, the 42-inch cat tree makes for lots of entertainment while indoors. Imagine it as akin to an activity mat for babies. The triple-tiered perch comes with plush mice attached with strings. Don’t expect the play mice to be attached on the perch for too long once your cat starts playing with it.

The bottom level offers cats a scratching tree. On the second level is a hammock for lounging and the top level is a bed for cat naps. Multiple cats can use the 20.8 lb cat tree supported with two bamboo poles. 

Kittens and playful cats make the most of this play tree. Customers are divided when it comes to the bamboo poles. One customer gave a nod to the scratching pole having used it for a year. Another customer’s cat scratched the pole to the point of hurting its paws.

Cat Perch Buying Guide

Some of the most important features to keep in mind when shopping for a good cat perch are stability, durability, as well as design. We’ll discuss all of these aspects below since we know that it can be a little challenging for you to pick the right product, what with the wide array of options available for sale nowadays.


This should be the first and most important factor you look at since it is basically synonymous with safety. Sure, your cat needs a comfortable place, ideally placed near the window so that they can look outdoors and see what’s happening. But the sturdiness of the model is the most important thing to pay attention to.

For example, if the unit is equipped with suction cups, make sure that they are patented and that the product has received no negative reviews according to which it gets unstuck due to the cat‘s weight. You’re effectively putting your cat‘s health in danger if you choose an unstable and unsafe cat perch.

Some of the models that are among the safest ones are those that have to be bolted into a wall. Just choose a wall that’s right next to the window and you’ll rest assured that your cat is going to be cozy and comfortable, but also perfectly safe.


As you might have noticed from our selection, cat perches nowadays come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they can be made with different materials. The color and design of the unit certainly matter less when compared to its safety, but it might be a good idea to get one that matches the rest of your interior design. Otherwise, it’s going to look a little weird.


While it might be true that most cat perches don’t tend to cost a fortune, it would be ideal to pick one that lasts for a decent amount of time. Some of the most durable materials are metal and wood, so if you can get an alternative that comes with as little plastic components as possible, that would be great.

Consider your cat‘s physical attributes

Most manufacturers are going to specify in their product description what the weight capacity of the model is. We suggest you match that number to the weight of your cat. If your feline friend is a little heavier, the perch might not be stable enough.

The last thing you want to happen is for your cat‘s health to be in danger, so always make sure that you get the appropriate cat perch in terms of size and weight.

The weight capacity of most cat perches is around 100 lbs, but there are some that can hold as many as 300 lbs. Most cats don’t weigh more than 12 lbs unless they are overweight or a really big cat breed.

Your window

Not all windows are made the same, and not all perches make a good fit for every one. Suction perches are great for hinge and stationary windows, but if you have a casement window, it’s a better idea to go for the sill type window perch that your cat can play in. A window perch attached to the sliding case is the best option for hung windows with sliding cases.


Hanging window perches are economical and easy to install, and they also offer more than enough space for the cat to relax or even play.

Couch-like window perches offer an open view to your cat, which means that he/she isn’t going to get bored easily. Sill window perches are safe and convenient as they are not installed onto window panes. They are kept over a fixed porch with the helps of support and props, so they are comfortable and secure.

Cat Perch FAQs

1. What is a cat perch?

A cat perch is more or less similar to a bed that’s placed in front of the window. It’s a great option for when the weather is too cold and the cat can’t go outside. It allows the cat to have a glimpse of what’s happening outdoors without being exposed to the chill or to any danger.

2. How do you install a cat perch?

It all depends on the product design. Usually, there are two installation methods for a cat perch. Some can be installed onto the windowsill whereas others simply hang from the window. The hanging ones are easy to set up since all that you need to do is affix the suction cups to your window.

This will support the perch. Multiple suction cups are included in the design so as to support the frame, as well as the other end of the perch. Windowsill perches call for affixing the perch to the windowsill. For this, you can typically use Velcro tape or screws. The bottom of the perch ends up buttressed against your wall.

3. Why do cats like sitting in a cat perch?

Cats love sunbathing to the point that they might not even realize that they are putting their health in danger. In fact, there have been cases of cats being exposed to the sun for so long that they risked getting lung congestion. But indoors, due to the window, the sunlight is less powerful, so it’s less dangerous. All cats love warmth, so this is one of the reasons.

The other reason is that cats enjoy watching what’s happening outdoors, without having to go out there and have a fight with another cat, be scared by all the sounds, or just get dirty or cold. While looking out the window, they’ll see things like the outdoor foliage, small wildlife, or birds. They can even interact with other cats through the window.

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