Cat Interrupts Meteorologist and Lands Weather Mascot Role!

Cat Interrupts Meteorologist and Lands Weather Mascot Role!

Guess what? A cat recently decided to switch careers and became a weathercat, leaving her human, a meteorologist, in a hilarious predicament.

This whiskered weather guru, known as Betty, decided that her human, Jeff Lyons—the main weather guy at 14 News—needed a paw with his forecasts.

When the world went topsy-turvy, and Jeff started broadcasting the weather from his living room because of the pandemic, little Betty saw her chance.

She leaped into the limelight—quite literally—turning their weather updates into a duo act.

And let me tell you, the weather forecast has never been more adorable!

Betty’s unexpected jump into her new role has everyone looking forward to the fur-cast (pun very much intended).

It’s safe to say that with Betty around, sunny skies are always in the hearts of viewers, no matter what the actual weather is doing outside : )

When Jeff shared a clip of Betty making leaping into his arms, the internet went bananas!

Here’s the kicker:

It seems like Betty just can’t resist stealing the spotlight. She did it again, getting caught mid-bath in another one of Jeff’s video segments.

According to Jeff, it turns out the star of the show isn’t him but his furball, Betty. The viewers are here for her antics, and honestly, Jeff isn’t complaining.

The funny twist? Everyone’s more into Betty the cat than the actual weather updates.

But hey, let’s not forget about Jeff!

Betty might be the star… but Jeff is still there to give us the daily weather. (wink)

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