Do You Have an Indoor Cat? 6 Ways to Keep Them Entertained While You're Out of the House

Do You Have an Indoor Cat? 6 Ways to Keep Them Entertained While You're Out of the House

Your indoor cat might become so bored while you’re away that they could practically start writing a novel about it.

But don’t worry, there are several effective ways to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.

From puzzle feeders that challenge their problem-solving skills to setting up cat TV for endless visual stimulation, you have plenty of options to keep your furry companion engaged. Intrigued?

Let’s explore how you can turn your home into a playground that keeps your cat happy and occupied during your absence.

Puzzle Feeders

engaging toys for pets

Using puzzle feeders is a fantastic way to give your cat both a mental and physical workout.

You can easily purchase these feeders at pet stores, or, if you’re feeling crafty, make a DIY version using a cardboard tube.

Fill the feeder with dry food or treats, encouraging your kitty to work for its meal.

This not only stimulates your kitty’s natural hunting instincts but also provides entertainment and exercise, especially when you’re not home.

Watching your adorable pet figure out how to get the food out is both rewarding and adorable.

Puzzle feeders keep your furry companion engaged, ensuring they don’t get bored or lonely.

Try it out, and you’ll see your furry buddy happier and more active.

Treasure Hunts

Another engaging way to keep your indoor cat entertained is by setting up treasure hunts with their favorite treats hidden around the house.

This activity mimics their natural hunting behavior, tapping into their instincts.

Start by selecting a few of your cat‘s preferred treats and place them in different spots throughout your home.

Hide them under furniture, inside toys, or on cat trees.

Your cat will use their keen sense of smell and curiosity to track down these tasty rewards.

Not only does this provide mental stimulation, but it also encourages physical activity.

Next time you’re out, your cat will be busy exploring and hunting, making their alone time both enriching and fun.

Cat TV

cats watching squirrel videos

To keep your indoor cat entertained, consider setting up TV or placing a bird feeder outside a window for them to watch.

These videos simulate prey animals or fast-moving objects, engaging your cat‘s inherent instincts and behaviors.

You’ll find a variety of cat appropriate options on streaming platforms, designed specifically for cat viewers.

Alternatively, a bird feeder outside the window can provide hours of real-life entertainment.

Watching birds flutter about can captivate your cat‘s attention, preventing boredom and loneliness while you’re away.

Both options offer mental stimulation and keep your cat engaged, ensuring they’ve a fulfilling and interesting day even when you’re not home.


Offering a variety of toys for your indoor cat guarantees they remain entertained and mentally stimulated.

Simple toys like balls or scrunched paper can provide hours of fun.

High-tech options, such as robot mice or automatic feather wands, offer interactive play that keeps your cat engaged.

DIY toys can be just as effective; try using safe plastic springs or even crafting a toy from household items.

The key is to rotate these toys regularly to maintain your cat‘s interest.

By ensuring they have a range of toys to play with, you’re helping prevent boredom and reducing the likelihood of destructive behavior.

A Friend

caring and supportive friend

Consider getting a second cat to provide company and play for your indoor kitty.

Introducing a new cat friend can greatly reduce loneliness and offer constant companionship.

Make sure to introduce the new cat slowly and gently to your current cat‘s environment to minimize stress and guarantee a smooth change.

Sibling cats often bond quickly, playing and grooming each other, which keeps them both entertained.

If getting another cat isn’t feasible, you might have a friend or family member visit during the day to provide social interaction.

This companionship can make a world of difference, offering your cat the socialization they crave while you’re away, ensuring they feel loved and less isolated.

Use Up Their Energy

While having a friend helps reduce loneliness, it’s also important to make sure your cat uses up their energy to stay content and healthy.

Start with an intensive play session before you leave for work.

Use interactive toys like feather wands or laser pointers to get your cat moving.

Since cats are crepuscular and most active during the early mornings and late evenings, play during these times to match their natural rhythms.

Afterward, create a cozy sleeping area near a sunny spot or heater.

This encourages your cat to nap during the day, reducing boredom and restlessness.


Keeping your indoor cat entertained while you’re away doesn’t have to be a challenge. Puzzle feeders, treasure hunts, and Cat TV can keep them mentally engaged.

Did you know that 64% of cat owners report their pets are healthier with interactive toys?

Adding a variety of toys, considering a second cat, and ensuring they use up their energy can prevent boredom and loneliness.

With these strategies, your beloved pet will stay happy and stimulated even when you’re not home.

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