Tangerine tabby

This Tangerine Tabby Has Gone From Super Depressed To Super Snuggly—It’s Been Quite The Journey!

Despite her name, Adored might not have always felt so cherished. Born in a house swamped with cats, she was just one of the crowd and didn’t get much attention from humans. She could easily blend in with her many relatives.

When she and her big cat family ended up at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, it was a lot for her to take in. A bigger space and new people everywhere, noticing and talking to her—it was overwhelming.

Adored was pretty scared. Sometimes, she’d snuggle into a pile with her cat pals for comfort. Other times, she’d find a hiding spot, swatting and clearly expressing her boundaries if anyone got too close.

What Adored really needed was time, her own space, and loads of gentle care. Fortunately, the Sanctuary is the perfect place for just that.

As the caregivers moved softly around Adored’s area, tidying up and bringing food and a fun variety of toys, the wary kitty watched and started to pick up on things.

The gentle voices didn’t seem so bad after a bit, especially since they brought all her favorite stuff…

…Plus, it looked like her pals were pretty okay with these tall, two-legged beings—who knew just where to scratch and brought treats, too.

That all sounded pretty great to Adored.

Gradually, with some encouragement from her braver buddies and the kind touch of these humans, Adored began to find her bravery.

And the first time she stayed still for a pet, it felt like a breakthrough.

That was really nice!

Once Adored’s golden eyes were opened to the possibility of befriending those once-so-scary humans, she began to warm up.

A nice scratch here, a treat there, and some playful time with a wand toy showed her that there were plenty of non-furry friends to be made.

Now, instead of running to hide when she sees a person, Adored fires up her purr motor and turns into a biscuit-making machine, kneading her paws as if she’s on a mission.

And perhaps she is.

Adored is ready to show just how well she lives up to her name.

The next step?

Finding her a forever home where she’ll be, as you might have guessed, adored.

Photos courtesy of Molly Wald

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