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How Do Cats Act When You’re on Your Period?

Have you ever noticed your feline friend behaving a little differently when you’re on your period? It’s not uncommon for cat owners to wonder whether their pets can sense the changes happening in their bodies.

This article explores whether cats actually react to people when they experience their periods.  Through scientific findings and real-life experiences, we’ll uncover the truth behind your cat’s behavior during your period.

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Do Cats Sense Menstruation?

The question “Do cats sense menstruation?” is quite common among cat guardians. While there isn’t an extensive body of scientific research on this specific topic, cats possess an extraordinary sense of smell, thanks to their 60-80 million olfactory receptors.

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By contrast, we, humans, have just 5 million. This amazing capacity makes it possible for cats to know when subtle changes in your body’s scent happen, which can be triggered by hormonal variations as a part of the normal menstrual cycle. 

Common Cat Behaviors During Menstruation

Cats can exhibit various behaviors when their owners are menstruating. It’s not unusual for your cat to become more affectionate during this time.

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You might find them cuddling up to you, following you around the house, or vocalizing more than usual. These behaviors can vary from one cat to another, but they often reflect a desire to comfort or protect their owner.

While scientific studies are ongoing to better understand these behaviors, anecdotal evidence from cat owners consistently suggests that cats can be more empathetic and tuned into their owner’s needs during their period.

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Factors Influencing Cat Behavior

Several factors can influence how your cat reacts during your menstruation. A cat’s age, personality, and your existing bond with them play significant roles. For instance, older cats tend to be more settled and may exhibit different behaviors than playful, younger cats.

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Additionally, the strength of your relationship with your cat is vital. A Journal of Veterinary Behavior study highlights that a strong human-cat bond is associated with better behavior and well-being in cats.

Your cat’s behavior may be more responsive to your needs during your period if you share a deep emotional connection.

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FAQs About Cats and Menstruation

Do cats get more affectionate when you’re on your period?

While scientific research doesn’t provide a direct answer to this question, many cat owners report increased affection from their feline companions during menstruation.

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This phenomenon is likely linked to your cat’s heightened sensitivity to your emotional state and changes in scent. If you find your cat seeking extra attention, it may be their way of comforting you.

To strengthen this bond further, you might consider interactive toys like the SmartyKat Feather Whirl Cat Toy to engage and bond with your cat.

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Why does my cat follow me around when I have my period?

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and they might follow you around out of curiosity or concern. Your cat’s heightened awareness of your scent changes and the possibility of hormonal shifts can make them more attentive.

Keep in mind that your cat might simply enjoy your company and want to be close to you. You can make these moments more enjoyable for your cat by setting up a cozy spot with a PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge where they can relax.

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Can cats smell menstrual blood?

Yes, cats have an extraordinary sense of smell, and they can indeed detect the scent of menstrual blood. Their keen olfactory senses can pick up even the subtlest changes in your body odor.

This ability is one reason your cat might exhibit different behaviors during your period, as they react to the shifts in your scent. To keep your cat comfortable and odor-free, consider using high-quality menstrual hygiene products, like Tampax Pearl Tampons.

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Should I be concerned if my cat’s behavior changes during my period?

In most cases, a change in your cat’s behavior during your period is nothing to worry about. It’s a reflection of their natural sensitivity to your emotions and scent.

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However, if your cat displays extreme or unusual behaviors, such as aggression or severe anxiety, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian. It’s always wise to rule out any underlying health issues that could be contributing to these changes.

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Coping with Cat Behavior Changes

Dealing with changes in your cat’s behavior during menstruation can be a rewarding experience with the right approach. Here are some strategies to help you maintain a harmonious environment for both you and your cat:

  1. Maintain a Calm Atmosphere: Cats thrive in a peaceful environment. Try to keep your home calm and reduce stressors during your period. This may help your cat feel more at ease.
  2. Provide Extra Affection: If your cat seeks more attention during your period, don’t hesitate to give it to them. Grooming, petting, and quality time together can strengthen your bond.
  3. Interactive Play: Making sure your feline friend gets enough interactive play ensures that all excess energy is alleviated and that they are also quite entertained. Toys like the Furbo Cat Camera can be a great way to play with your cat even when you’re not at home.
  4. Consult a Professional: If your cat’s behavior becomes problematic, consider consulting a professional animal behaviorist to address any underlying issues.

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Cat Health and Menstruation

Understanding your cat’s behavior during your period is essential not just for your comfort but also for their well-being. Some changes in behavior could be indicative of underlying health issues. Here’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to your cat’s behavior:

  1. Stress and Health: Cats are sensitive to changes in their environment, including changes in your scent and behavior. Prolonged stress can affect their physical health, potentially leading to conditions like feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). If you notice any unusual behaviors, it’s wise to consult with a veterinarian.
  2. Medical Conditions: Some cats may have pre-existing medical conditions that are exacerbated by stress. For example, cats with diabetes or hyperthyroidism may experience fluctuations in their condition during times of stress. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to monitor and manage these conditions effectively.

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Final Thoughts

The connection between your cat’s behavior and your menstrual cycle is a complex and intriguing one. While there may not be a wealth of scientific research on this specific topic, it’s evident that cats are attuned to their owners and can detect changes in your scent.

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Their behavior during your period, whether it’s increased affection or more vocalization, is likely a reflection of their desire to comfort and protect you.

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Remember, a harmonious relationship with your feline companion is built on understanding and patience. Your cat’s unique personality, age, and your emotional connection all play a part in how they behave during your period.

Cats have an extraordinary ability to sense changes in their environment, including variations in your scent. To further enrich your relationship with your cat during this time, consider interactive toys and products that can provide mental stimulation and engagement.

For example, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is an awesome way to keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated.

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Finally, don’t forget to prioritize your cat’s health. While changes in behavior during your period are usually harmless, it’s essential to stay vigilant and consult with a veterinarian if you observe any unusual or concerning signs in your cat.

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Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat--Not a Sour Puss


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The Cat Behavior Answer Book, 2nd Edition: Understanding How Cats Think, Why They Do What They Do, and How to Strengthen Our Relationships with Them


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Professional Help:

  1. Consult with a Veterinarian: If your cat’s behavior changes are severe or concerning, it’s essential to seek professional guidance from a veterinarian. Find a reputable veterinarian near you to ensure your cat’s health and well-being.
  2. Professional Animal Behaviorist: If you need in-depth assistance with your cat’s behavior issues, consider consulting a certified professional animal behaviorist. They can provide personalized solutions for your specific situation.

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