Meet Martyr, An Abandoned “Dumpster Kitten” That Beat All Odds

Meet Martyr, An Abandoned “Dumpster Kitten” That Beat All Odds

Martyr is no ordinary cat. Back in 2016, someone walking by a dumpster heard some soft meows and found her inside.

Martyr was found abandoned with a broken front leg and gangrene in a back paw. Fortunately, her new caretaker, experienced in fostering kittens, knew just what to do.

Over time, she nursed Martyr back to health.

Although Martyr lost her back paw to gangrene, she’s recovered well under her caregiver’s expert care and even wears her cone with pride.

Thanks to her dedicated mother, Martyr is thriving today.

Beyond his surprising start in a dumpster, Martyr was recently found to be a male cat, which is quite a twist because most calico cats are female.

He was even referred to as “she” until this discovery.

Interestingly, only about 1 in 3,000 calico cats is male, making Martyr exceptionally rare.

This rarity comes down to genetics.

Typically, the X chromosome in cats carries the genes for orange and black fur.

Female cats, with their two X chromosomes, often display the classic calico pattern—a white base with patches of orange and black.

Male cats usually have one X and one Y chromosome, so for a male cat like Martyr to be calico, he must have an extra X chromosome, making him XXY.

Cats like Martyr truly are miracles of nature.

His extraordinary genetic makeup, coupled with his humble beginnings, really does make him as rare as a mythical unicorn.

Martyr’s charming face even sparked an internet sensation when his new mom’s niece posted the photos featured in this article on Imgur!

Credit: Imgur/Vodkaholy

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