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One Kitten’s Triumph: The Unbelievable Story of Olivia’s Adoption

Olivia’s injured eye delayed her adoption, but she had a friend who consistently recognized and highlighted her best qualities.

Olivia, a small tabby kitten, arrived at the Best Friends Pet Resource Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, from a local cat rescue when she was about 2 months old.

Despite her young age, she had already faced trauma to her eye and face. While the veterinary team confirmed her injuries were not painful, her eye would always appear smaller, darker, and slightly closed.

Olivia’s situation could have made her just another statistic, especially since she was born during the busy kitten season when shelters are overwhelmed and even healthy kittens might not survive due to limited space and resources.

Fortunately, she was with a rescue group that works with partners like Best Friends Animal Society, helping to create no-kill communities by supporting pets who need more care and time.

After undergoing spay surgery at Best Friends, Olivia stayed briefly in a foster home.

She faced some challenges, including a fungal infection, but she recovered fully. Soon, she was healthy and ready for a permanent, loving home.

Time to shine

It was late summer and the pet resource center was brimming with kittens ready for adoption, all born in the spring.

Best Friends caregiver Kim Endicott mentions that Olivia was initially shy but soon warmed up and fit in well with the other kittens.

Though she played well and showed good manners, Olivia often saw her new friends get adopted while she remained.

“Several times, we got down to one or two other available kittens and Olivia,” says Kim.

At one point, she was the only kitten left in the building.

Her adoption took longer than many others who quickly found homes… but little did they know, Olivia’s chance would eventually come.

The star of the show

Olivia’s sweet nature really touched Kim as the days passed. Kim wanted Olivia to find a home, not just stay at the pet resource center.

To help Olivia get noticed, Kim made a colorful poster showcasing Olivia’s friendly personality, playful attitude, and strong spirit.

She also made it clear that Olivia’s eye condition didn’t need extra care.

Soon after, Olivia caught Mandi Griggs’ attention. Mandi’s family wanted a cat who was both playful and patient, making Olivia a perfect match.

“When our 4-year-old was playing with her and letting her lick his hand, we knew she was the one,” Mandi recalls. She learned about Olivia’s tough beginnings later, “but it didn’t matter. She was already a Griggs!”

“I am excited when any animal finds a home, but having Olivia leave the pet resource center with her own family that day was especially rewarding for me,” says Kim. “These days are why I do what I do.”

Now, Olivia is an irreplaceable member of her family.

She enjoys her food and toys, especially balls and marbles. She sleeps with her family at night and in the sunniest spots during the day.

Mandi mentions that Olivia is always on the move, so the only time for a clear photo is during her naps. Now, Olivia can rest easy knowing she’s exactly where she belongs.

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