Rescue Kitten Went Crazy For Her Very First Puppuccino Ever

Rescue kitten went crazy for her very first puppuccino ever: An adorable frenzy

Meredith, a charming black kitten, captured hearts on social media after Foster the Furbabies introduced the kitten’s joyful interaction with a Puppuccino (can’t help but adore her enthusiasm).

This frothy indulgence, often a hit at select Starbucks locations, is nothing but whipped cream…

…yet it’s an irresistible treat for many pets, including Meredith.

Foster the Furbabies rescued her and her siblings in New Jersey as three-week-old orphans battle harsh conditions and serious illnesses.

They were soaking wet and ill from the rain and urgently required medical care. Their ailments ranged from upper respiratory and eye infections to parasites.

Immediate treatment was crucial, and the kittens were taken into the rescue’s care for recovery.

Meredith’s siblings made optimistic progress, but her eye condition was particularly concerning, leading to numerous veterinary visits.

Though her eyes healed, slight vision impairment was an unavoidable aftermath.

When the time came to bid farewell to the shelter and embrace a new family, the rescuers celebrated Meredith’s recovery with her very first Starbucks visit—a bittersweet treat for the young feline.

The delightful video showing her indulgence gained tremendous popularity online.

While some concerns were raised about feeding dairy to a kitten, the rescue assured that the amount involved was minimal with most of it decorating Meredith’s face rather than being consumed.


Meredith leads a contented life in her forever home, enjoying treats and companionship with her feline siblings.

Her rescuers find joy in this happy outcome, cherishing the memories of her adorable Puppuccino moment.

Meredith and her Puppuccino

The Puppuccino: a secret gem hiding in select Starbucks menus across Japan and the US, and honestly, what’s not to love?

It’s a little cup brimming with whipped cream, turning every dog and cat into a die-hard fan at first lick.

Meredith, our adorable kitty star, was no different.

Meredith's adoption day

She took to the Puppuccino like a fish to water—or should we say, a cat to cream?

In mere moments, her whiskers were frosted with cream, but did Meredith mind? Not one bit.

She blissfully lapped up her treat, completely at ease and owning her messy eating style.

Onlookers couldn’t contain their giggles, utterly charmed by this cream-coated cutie. It was a sight of pure joy, courtesy of Meredith and her beloved Puppuccino.

Meredith playing

Foster the Furbabies remains committed to helping animals like Meredith find their happiness.

They encourage sharing the love for cats and food through delightful stories such as Meredith’s.

Anyone who finds joy in such stories or has a soft spot for cats is welcome to share Meredith’s adventure!

Photo Credits: Foster the Furbabies

H/T: The Dodo

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