5 Great Cat Dander Sprays (Reviews)

Cat dander is made out of dead skin cells that your feline friend sheds low levels of all the time. Some people can have an allergy to cat dander whereas others aren’t bothered by it in the least. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of dander in your home or deal with the allergy symptoms as best as possible, you’re probably looking for the best cat dander spray. From what we have gathered, the first option to consider would be the CatFresh OatMeal Skin & Coat Spray. This choice has several purposes from removing dander to cleaning and conditioning your cat’s coat. It has gentle ingredients and it doesn’t contain any soap or detergent. Our next favorite product is Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Spray for Cats.  

RecommendationNotable mentions
CatFresh Oatmeal Skin & Coat SprayRemoves dander & cleans and conditions the coat
Burt's Bees Dander Reducing Spray for CatsHypoallergenic, made with oat flour and aloe vera
Allersearch DanderLess Dander Removing Spray for CatsFree of artificial colors & scents, pH-balanced

Best Cat Dander Sprays (Reviews)

It can be more or less challenging to choose the right pet dander spray for cats. We’ve gone through some of the popular items in this line and have come up with a list of just 5 of some of the most effective ones. Check them out below. 

1. CatFresh OatMeal Skin & Coat Spray

CatFresh Oatmeal Skin & Coat Spray Cleanses & Detangles, Soothes Irritations that Cause Excessive Licking, Chewing & Scratching, Moisturizes & Rejuvenates Skin, Neutralizes Odors & Removes Dander

Probably the most important aspect about this particular spray is that it is made of all-natural ingredients. Since it doesn’t contain any toxic substance, not even soap or detergent, it can even be utilized on kittens, as well as a variety of other small animals.

You might notice from our selection that finding an all-natural dander-reducing product can be very difficult. However, you should never use a potentially dangerous one on a kitten, as it is especially sensitive, especially compared to an adult or a dog. 

This spray can remove dander, hydrate the cat’s skin, and also clean and condition the cat’s coat. Containing oatmeal and baking soda, this product reduces the cat’s need to lick, chew, or bite at different body regions, therefore ‘stirring’ the dander even more. 

The CatFresh choice has received favorable reviews from people saying that they’ve managed to reduce dander significantly, especially on overweight cats who can’t clean some of their body areas on their own. 

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2. Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Spray for Cats

Burt's Bees for Cats Dander Reducing Spray with Colloidal Oat Flour & Aloe Vera, 10 oz

This USA-made spray is another that you should take into account since it contains colloidal oat flour and aloe vera, which means that it is hypoallergenic and can decrease your cat’s instinct to chew or scratch her skin. 

Another thing worth mentioning about this choice is that it is 99.7% natural and while some might argue that 100% would have been better, sometimes manufacturers have to add some solutions to extend the life of the product. 

The Burt’s Bees alternative is cruelty-free, it contains no colorants, and it has been pH-balanced to be a great fit for cats. Also, its contents make it possible for the cat’s dry skin to be moisturized and conditioned. Flakes or redness are reduced and the cat feels more comfortable overall.

If your cat doesn’t like the spray form (and some cats are put off by the sound of the atomizer, even though it doesn’t have any pressure), you can get the dander-reducing wipes by the same brand. 

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3. Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray 32 oz

Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray 32 oz.

While the two former options that we have showcased here are to be used on the cat, this one shouldn’t be applied on any animal. It is a product made for getting rid of the cat dander that you might have ended up with on your carpeting, window curtains, upholstery, or even your vehicle interior. 

Although its purpose is not to remove the dander on the cat, it can be used on pet bedding. Just make sure your air it out after cleaning it, just to be on the safe side of things. 

The Allersearch option is an inorganic anti-allergen product that utilizes an oxidizing compound to destroy allergens from dander, pollens, dust mites, as well as mold and mildew. 

Many of those who were kind enough to express their views on this product seem to have nothing but good things to say about it. For example, some customers report having gotten rid of their allergy even with 3 dogs and 1 cat in their household — all thanks to this product. 

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4. Allerpet Cat and Dog Dander Remover

Allerpet 2-Pack Dog & Cat - Best Allergy Relief & Pet Dander Remover - Ditch Your Allergy Shampoo - 100% Non-Toxic & Safe for Pets, Good for Fur & Skin + Bonus Applicator Mitts

If you are in the market for an option that works for both cats and dogs, you could consider this particular package. As you can expect, cats and dogs have different skin pH since their diet is different and they’re two different species altogether. With the assistance of this product, you can eliminate or reduce dog and cat allergy symptoms.

Allerpet is capable of binding and removing proteins to reduce or even fully eliminate allergen symptoms. It’s 100% safe for yourself and your pets, which is always worth considering. 

Being safe and non-toxic, it’s actually good for pets’ skin since it is non-oily, it doesn’t contain any fragrance, and it’s packed with vitamins. Therefore, it cleans and conditions your furry buddy’s coat and skin. 

Some of the ingredients in this dander remover range from green tea and aloe vera to rosemary and chamomile. The product doesn’t contain any preservatives or any kind of harsh chemicals whatsoever. In case you’d like to know, at the time we’re writing this, this one has received just 4 and 5-star reviews (no lower ratings). 

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5. Allergy Asthma Clean Allergen Spray

Allergy Asthma Clean Allergen Spray pet Dander, dust Mites, Cockroach allergen, 33.8oz

Apparently, this product is capable of removing up to 93% of pet dander allergens present in your home. It can also get rid of dust mites, as well as cockroach allergens, so it speaks to the needs of various people.

What’s truly neat about this option is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, as well as no petroleum and even essential oils, which might all endanger the health of your kids or pets. It’s hypoallergenic and it doesn’t use any scents or fragrances.

What’s important to note about this choice is that it comes with just the minerals in the bottle. This means that you will have to add water to the product in order to be able to use it. 

Feel free to spray it on any surface in your home from your walls, couch, and floors, to your personal bedding, pet bedding, or pillows. As for the cat dander spray reviews gathered by this product, many individuals report feeling less stuffy and itchy after starting to use it. 

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Other options for removing cat dander

As we might have mentioned, some cats truly hate the feeling of being sprayed a substance on their bodies. My own cat is like this since she’s really shy, so she can get scared with ease and by almost any weird sound. 

If you’re a pet parent who has a hard time applying spray directly to your feline companion’s coat, you can spray the product on a microfiber cloth and then give your cat a nice massage using the cloth. However, many manufacturing brands have considered this issue, which is why they designed cat dander reducing wipes. Here are some other options you might be interested in. 

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1. Pogi’s Grooming Hypoallergenic Wipes for Dogs & Cats

Pogi's Grooming Wipes - 100 Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes for Dogs & Cats - Plant-Based, Fragrance-Free, Deodorizing Dog Wipes

These pet wipes are made with natural ingredients and they can help you manage the pet dander situation as best as possible, and all of that with minimal effort. They contain vitamin E, aloe vera, as well as Hawaiian Awapuhi, which means that they’re great for the animal’s skin, as well.

You can use the wipes to get rid of the dirt and odor in-between your pet’s paws, but you can also clean their bums or bodies. This is an earth-friendly alternative as it is made of 100% sustainably harvested bamboo.

Additionally, you’ll be glad to know that this product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, parabens, or alcohols, so there’s no need for your cat to hate it as you use it on her body. Every pack contains 100 unscented wipes. 

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2. Burt’s Bees Natural Dander Reducing Wipes for Cats

Burt's Bees For Cats Natural Dander Reducing Wipes | Kitten and Cat Wipes For Grooming, 50 Count

This product is basically the other form in which the same spray from Burt’s Bees is available, and we’ve discussed the ingredients of that one in the selection below. The pack is quite cheap and easy to use, and the wipes contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera and oatmeal. 

While oatmeal helps the cat’s coat stay in top shape, aloe vera is a natural moisturizer with anti-irritant properties. The best thing about this product is that it speaks to the needs of cats of all ages. If you have a kitten, as well, you can safely utilize it. 

Being a veterinary-recommended formula, this product is free of sulfates, fragrances, colorants, or any type of harsh chemicals. It basically fights flaking and cat dander conveniently and effectively.

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3. Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath

Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath | No Rinse Waterless Dry Shampoo for Cats | Natural Formula | 4 Ounces

This product comes in the form of a waterless shampoo that’s basically a foam, so it doesn’t make the same unpleasant sound as a spray. It’s a practical solution that’s easy to use and that has the purpose of soothing and moisturizing a cat’s dry skin so that the coat is left clean and soft. 

The natural ingredients in this option are definitely worth writing home about as they range from neem oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, to oatmeal. These are all more than capable of cleaning and conditioning the cat’s skin and coat. 

Another aspect that’s worth noting about this product is that it is safe to use on all cats older than 12 weeks of age. Due to its natural components, it does not affect the effectiveness of topical flea products. Once again, this one’s veterinary recommended. 

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Cat Dander Spray Buying Guide

It’s not extremely difficult to pick the perfect cat dander spray nowadays, but there are some factors that you should base your decision on. We’ve mentioned some of the most important aspects in the guide below. Check it out if you have some time on your hands. 


The ingredients in the formula that you will end up choosing matter a lot when it comes to picking a safe and effective cat dander spray. If possible, try to go for an all-natural product, as this will ensure that it doesn’t cause any adverse effects. Products that contain artificial fragrances, colorants, or different preservatives are a no-go, in this case.

The formula has to be non-toxic and ideally, non-scented, no matter if it contains aloe vera, neem oil, or oatmeal. By the way, these are among the most popular ingredients, and for good reason, too. Neem oil is capable of removing external parasites without any side effects, aloe vera is a natural moisturizer, and oatmeal is hypoallergenic and makes your cat’s coat shine. 

Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath | No Rinse Waterless Dry Shampoo for Cats | Natural Formula | 4 Ounces

Type of product

There are some that can help you get rid of pet dander from your household and there are others that can be used directly on your feline or canine buddy. 

If the product is advertised for the surfaces in your home, avoid using it on an animal, even if the ingredients are natural. You can’t really know what to expect if the manufacturing brand doesn’t recommend utilizing it on a pet. 

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Cat dander is usually a result of the pet’s inability to remove the dry skin and other things that could have built up in the coat. If you take good care of your friend, give her regular baths, use wipes, or use a brush every couple of days, you might be able to get rid of the pet dander without even realizing it. 

Burt's Bees for Cats Natural Dander Reducing Wipes | Kitten and Cat Wipes for Grooming | Cruelty Free, Sulfate & Paraben Free, pH Balanced for Cats - Made in The USA - 2 Pack

For cats or for both cats and dogs?

You might have heard of something called skin pH. Every animal has one and if you use the wrong types of products, you could affect it and cause problems such as dermatitis. For example, human skin has a pH of about 5.5 (acidic) but the pH of dog and cat skin is within the range of 5.5 to 7.2.

As you can expect, this can vary a lot from one animal to the next, but it’s generally acknowledged that cats’ skin has a more acidic pH compared to dogs’ skin. If you’re wondering why that happens, well, the answer is pretty simple. Cats are pure carnivores, and most carnivores have acidic skin pH; dogs are omnivores so they have a more alkaline pH.

The point that we’re trying to get across is that using a universal product might not be a good idea in this case. If the spray is made for dogs, avoid using it on cats, because it’s made for an alkaline pH, not an acidic one. Sure, the skin pH can vary largely from one animal to the next and it even depends on the sex, breed, coat color, anatomic site, and even skin physiology. 

Many studies have shown that an imbalance in skin pH can lead to the development of skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, for example. You do not want to deal with skin-related issues in cats, believe me. 

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From my experience, they are extremely hard to treat because cats groom themselves, so using topical products to try to treat a skin condition is extremely challenging. Plus, as every cat owner knows, cats have a rough tongue, which helps them detangle their fur and remove the dirt in it. If your cat loses her hair on a particular region and tries to clean it, things will be made much, much worse because of the abrasive action of her tongue. 

Therefore, try to choose dander removing products that are specifically made for cats, if possible. 

Ease of use

As we might have mentioned before, some cats really hate the sound that a spray atomizer makes. If you’re finding that your feline buddy tries to get away and hide each time you’re trying to use a pet dander spray on her coat, it might be better to go for a pack of wipes, instead. Make both your cat’s and your own life easier by choosing the correct and easiest to apply product. 

Frequently asked questions about dander

What is pet dander?

Pet dander is basically a collection of tiny flecks of skin that’s shed by cats, dogs, but also rodents and birds. If you hear that someone is allergic to cats, it’s quite likely that they are not allergic to the animal per se or even the animal’s fur, but to pet dander. 

This is quite a common issue across the world, since some studies have suggested that the number of pet parents affected by pet dander and who are living with allergic rhinitis are in the range of millions.

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Can you die from a cat allergy?

The only type of life-threatening allergic reactions are anaphylactic episodes and asthma attacks. These can happen in response to a cat living in the same environment with a person who is known to be allergic to cats. So, the answer to this question would be yes, since people who have severe asthma or severe allergies can endanger their health if they stay in contact with a cat. 

How long does pet dander stay in a house?

This is an interesting question since as you can expect, if you do not keep your house clean on a regular basis, there’s basically no place for the pet dander to go in. Therefore, it remains in the environment until it is physically removed. 

However, what some people might not know is that most types of pet dander are so small that the dander is microscopic, so you can’t see it. Also, if you move into a place that hasn’t been properly cleaned and sanitized and there was a cat living in that space before you moved in, you might experience allergies, as well. So, pet dander can persist for many months even after the animal has left the house. 

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