Guy Rescues Kitten from Busy Street - Now the Little Furball Won't Stop Hugging Him

Guy Rescues Kitten from Busy Street – Now the Little Furball Won’t Stop Hugging Him

On a Friday morning, Chuck Hawley from Silverton, Oregon, was heading to work and noticed something on the road. When he got closer, he discovered it was a kitten trapped in the lane.

“I was on my way to work and noticed cars ahead of me swerving around something on the road. When I got closer, I saw it was a kitten, just sitting there, shaking all over,” Chuck shared.

The little cat seemed to be stuck to the pavement, unable to move. Despite many cars dodging her, no one had stopped.

Chuck realized he needed to act fast to save her. He turned on his hazard lights, halted traffic safely, and went to rescue the kitten. It was then he saw the kitten was covered in glue. “She was soaked, shivering, and actually glued to the road,” he explained.

Chuck carefully lifted the kitten from the pavement. Her paws were sore, and she trembled from the chill. He wrapped her in his arms to warm her up and quickly took her to his car.

Following a warm bath and a bit of food, the kitten started feeling a lot better. “We have no idea who did this to her or how long she’d been there, but she was soaked, freezing, and had leaves glued to her,” Chuck explained.

Chuck brought the kitten to the Silver Creek Animal Clinic, where the remaining glue was cleaned off and her paws received mineral oil treatment. Following the challenging experience, the little tabby was recovering well, clinging to Chuck and purring loudly.

During the ride home, the 5-week-old kitten snuggled into his lap and fell asleep immediately.

The kitten, initially too weak to meow, began to find her voice. “She couldn’t move much when I first picked her off the road because she was so sticky. But after we got her cleaned up, she decided my shoulder was her new favorite spot,” Chuck shared.

She soon made herself at home, cozying up to the family’s dogs for some extra love and care. “She’s so small and has even tried to nurse from our older male Black Labrador.”

Right from the start, Chuck felt the kitten was meant to be with them.

“We had just been discussing getting a cat the other night. There could have been an easier way for her to come into our lives, but she managed,” he mentioned. “We’re absolutely keeping her. My wife has already named her Sticky.”

In just under 24 hours, the kitten’s world turned completely around. “She went from having the worst luck ever to being the luckiest kitten alive,” he remarked.

“I just did what any normal person would do; anyone should’ve stopped to help her,” Chuck stated. “She’s an incredible cuddler and purrer. Last night, she slept right between my wife and me.”

“I’m really happy I found her because we ended up with an awesome cat! She’s going to be showered with love!”


Turns out, Sticky is actually a boy.

Sticky adores tagging along with his human dad everywhere. His favorite spot is being cradled in his arms as they roam around the house.

He’s at his happiest when he’s snuggling up with his humans.

Sticky is really living up to his name!

“So this seems to be his spot now.”

When his human parents are getting ready in the morning, Sticky comes over to lend his version of “help.”

I mean look at him. Just adorable!

They picked out a toy for their dog pals. “Turns out, Sticky is a much bigger fan of it than the dogs are.”

Credit: stickythekitty503 via Instagram

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